Are you insured?
Yes, we are with Full Liability Insurance.

What geographic area do you work in?
Generally an area within a 1 hour drive of West Chicago (near Wheaton, IL)
Other arrangements may be possible. For work outside the Chicago area, travelling to the home or business, or painting in the studio and shipping to the site are both options.

What type of work do you do?
The gallery reflects the diversity of my clients needs. I am able to work in realism, abstract, solid color designs, or anything in between. I am a client oriented artist. We will sit down to discuss
your needs, brainstorm if you wish, and come up with a subject or
design that you will be excited about.

What materials do you with?
Acrylics are my main medium. They are vibrant, permanent, and low odor.
I work with traditional brushes or airbrush for the most part, depending
on the best tools for the desired effect.
Murals can be painted directly on walls/ceilings, or on panels.

Do you do anything besides murals?
Yes. Design, build, and paint
a) sets
b) backdrops for videos, stages, or events.