Below are frequent questions asked of us, however we welcome you to contact us and discuss your questions and your project.

Q Are you insured?

A Yes, we are, with Full Liability Insurance.

Q How do you price your work?

A Generally work is quoted with the price of labor and materials included.

Q How do you price jobs that cannot be estimated such as wallpaper removal, and rot and mold remediation?

A For wallpaper removal we will give an hourly rate for removal, wall repairs, and priming. We can’t know what level of preparation was done before the paper was installed, thus we cannot determine the amount of wall damage that will be done in the removal process.

A For rot and mold remediation we need to give an hourly rate up to the point that all damaged and affected areas have been removed, treated, and often rebuilt, as we won’t know the damage, and thus the solutions. The exception to this is windows and doors. For these we can generally give a price after inspecting them.

Q How long will the job take?

A We can’t predict weather, or material back orders, but since quoted jobs are priced based on number of hours required, we can pretty well determine how long a job will take.

Q How do you price for the visual arts side of the business?

A For information on murals requiring concepts sketches please contact us for quote.

Q What geographic area do you work in?

A Generally, an area within a one hour drive of West Chicago (near Geneva, IL)
 Other arrangements may be possible. For work outside the Chicago area, travelling to the home or business, or painting in the studio (for artwork) and shipping to the site are both options.