Murals and Painted Graphics by Steve

Schools, Commercial Murals and Graphics, Residential

Murals and Painted Graphics- These are mainly done by Steve.
Steve has had the privilege of painting all types of murals in all types of situations.


When painting in schools, I work with principals, asst. principals, art teachers, librarians, coaches or whoever is directing the project. I educate myself to what it is you want to accomplish with the painting. This will mean getting a lot of input, maybe even studying curriculum, or whatever is necessary. Then a concept sketch is done (I will have a price for you based on the sketch as well), and we can discuss it.

I want you to get what you are after. My job is to do it in a way that engages the kids, delivers a good composition, and works within your budget as well.

Sometimes, it makes sense to paint it on panels, so if building plans change, it can be relocated as required.

I have found that elementary schools often like to bring art classes down for the kids to have Q and A sessions with me. There are a lot of great exchanges. For example, one practical take away for the kids is, when doing their own paintings, do the sky and grass before putting in a tree in the foreground. That way they don’t have paint everything in around the tree as they normally do. This is  often enlightening for them, and fun for me to explain. They are often surprised at the planning involved, and all the hand brushes and air brushes used.

Commercial Murals and Graphics

Sometimes these are very practical, as in painting company logos.
At other times these are done to improve what may have before been a somewhat sterile environment. As with the schools, I like to meet with whoever is directing the job, get their input, and do concept sketches or mock ups as needed, along with a price. We then review them making adjustments needed before starting work.


Whether these paintings are dramatic or whimsical, (esp. in the case of a child’s room),

I will follow the same course as with the schools. We will want to put our heads together so I

have an idea of what you are looking for. After that I will do a concept sketch and a price, which we will look at together, and adjust if needed to make sure we are of the same mind.


I will charge a fee to research as needed and draw the concept sketch. The fee is then deducted from the price of the mural or graphic.