Park Feature Renovation

Signs, Statuary, and Playground Equipment

Water park features and statuary add a lot of visual punch to a pool or water park, but eventually ultraviolet light, water, chemicals, and even vandalism take their toll, and renovation work will need to be done from time to time.

We use epoxies to build up areas damaged by UVs or water and chemicals. After these repairs are done we then can prep for painting. Painting may be done by hand, and/or done with airbrush and other air painting tools. Protective clear coatings are generally used to increase the life of the work done.

Park signs are another feature that need renovation, be that major or minor, depending on weather conditions and age of the sign. The repair and painting process is similar to statuary, but often simpler.

Since the main part of the sign can generally be removed, whenever possible we take it to the shop to do the work. When rehabbing playground equipment, once again prep work and correct coatings are key.

Once completed the equipment looks wonderful. If plastic slides or platforms are faded from UVs, since they are not paintable, they may be left as is or new ones may need to be ordered from the manufacturer.

We do murals and painted graphics for park districts as well.