Specialty Trade Work Services

Rot Issues, Drywall + Plaster Repairs, Interior Carpentry + Painting, Mold Remediation, Deck Renovation

Artistic Trades Inc offers several specialty trade work services

Rot Issues

If you are dealing with rot at your home we can be of use to you.

The plan is to take care of everything completely, but do it as simply and at the least cost as we can.

If we are working on your windows and doors, degraded areas can often be resolved with removal of rot and repaired with epoxies. Other times they may need to combine rebuilding parts of the window or door with epoxy repairs.

Rotted soffits, fascia, siding, porches, decks, and framing, presents the same issues as windows and doors, but of course may be more involved.

The key to the rebuilding process is as this is being done, one needs to consider how it happened in the first place and mitigate these issues so you don’t find yourself in the same situation again five years later. This is often deceptively simple, but very important to do.

Drywall and Plaster Repairs

It’s important to use the right materials and do the work very well, but the thing that is greatly appreciated by customers is to be aware that you are working inside someone’s home so paint drops and runners, tenting, vacuuming, (to contain dust) etc. are necessary parts of the job.

Since we have much experience in painting we can of course do that, but are able to blend texture work, and often faux work.

Interior Carpentry and Painting

We install, replace, or repair doors, wood trim, and many other home repairs related to carpentry, as well as painting, staining, and artistic touch up work. We are specialists in kitchen cabinet and house interior trim and door painting. When transitioning from stained to painted doors and trim, prep work and high grade products are the key to a great finish.

Mold Remediation

Steve has a certification in mold remediation from Amerisafe in Aurora, IL and does smaller amounts of this as well as all related rebuilding of walls, etc. as needed. If you like he can recommend a contractor for a large project.

EPA Lead Precautions
in homes built before 1978

Steve has a Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) certificate from the EPA approved training company Amerisafe in Aurora, IL.

Deck Renovation

Deck work is a situation where prep work is key to a good job. Replacement of rotted wood, screwing down loose boards, proper cleaning, pressure washing, sanding, staining with the correct stains, minor epoxy work, and high grade caulks all go in to a solid, reliable job.